Washington Conference Administrators

Administrator Updates:
2013-2014 "Rough Draft" Calendar (PDF)

K-8 Math Support

  Due February 3rd

DUE:  School Board Minutes and Finance Reports
    • Be alert to mid-winter blues both for teachers and students.  Plan different stimulating activities to keep up interest.  Make sure classrooms are "freshened up" after the holidays.
    • Plans for spring Week of Prayer need to be finalized.
    • Remind teachers to make specific plans to personally invite each student to accept Christ.
    • Encourage teachers to adjust long range lesson plans for the last half of the year to insure completion of curriculum goals.
    • Begin to build a budget for the new school year.
    • IMPORTANT: Notify superintendent regarding any board and/or personnel committee meetings scheduled to discuss personnel for the new year.
    • Begin marketing plans for the new school year.  Consider early spring pre-registration for 2013/14 school year.
    • Begin planning for graduation and 8th Grade Class Trip.
    • Faculty should meet to make sure minder entries coordinate.